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Many businesses have difficulties to keep up with the rapidly changing online world. It’s a massive digital wave all business owners have to ride. Time and money is limited, so it’s pivotal to understand where to spend your next hour or dollar to succeed online.

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Fully optimised websites

All websites we build are fully search engine and conversion optimised plus completely customised to your business.

Complete Web Strategy

We combine all SEO and conversion optimisation with a complete online marketing training so you are empowered to rock the internet.

Individual Full-Time Support

We are only as good as the results you will have. So be sure you will get outstanding support from us.

Beautiful in any size

No matter if a mobile phone, tablet or a big TV, your website will look gorgeous in any size.

All or nothing

A fully optimised website is already more than what most agencies offer but we don’t stop there. We integrate all necessary tools to analyse, nurture and convert leads.

Cut the Bla Bla

We are sick of all the confusing IT jargon. We want you to understand our work so you know what you get. Period!

How do we do what we say you ask?
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We build a ‘Complete Online Presence’for your business!

The ‘Complete Online Presence’ integrates beautiful and fully optimised websites into a digital sales funnel that engages your market and generates new customers online. We believe in empowering YOU, so we teach you to make the right choices when it comes to how you spend your time and money on your online marketing efforts.

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There are some basic elements that any website should have so search engines understand your website content and display your website in search results. This is what is key-phrased as SEO.
Furthermore, there are elements to improve how many of your website visitors actually stay on your website and perform a beneficial action like submitting a contact form, purchase a product or download an ebook. This is called Conversion Optimisation. Let’s check YOUR website!
You can spend years of research and self-education to gain all the knowledge you need to know what to do online, but seriously – don’t you have better things to do? Jump ahead and book our free website health check so you can lock in your 1h consultation. Check my website!
This one is simple after the first two steps. There are three options:

A- Do it yourself

B- Get trained by us and do it yourself or

C- Let us do it for you

If you like B or C contact us. If you prefer option A then have a look around and use any of our tools. Feel free to give us a shout if you get stuck on anything.

Measuring your performance is crucial for business success and one of the greatest advantages of the internet is that you can measure almost anything. Don’t leave money on the table by not knowing how your website performs. Set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for an absolute minimum of measuring. Contact us
After building a great website you have to put yourself out there by sharing valuable and problem-solving information on as many platforms and channels as you can handle. Social Media, Forums, Email, webinars, eBooks, etc. you name it. Let us guide you through this jungle so you get the best ‘bang for your buck’. If you haven’t done it yet start with our website health check. We assume you haven’t because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this and instead already talking to us.
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Huh? How can you not be sure? 😀

Well, you are clearly a curious person and like a bit of wit. If you haven’t noticed we do too. We do things a bit differently here and if you are not sure what you have or just want to explore some more options then we are here, just reach out!

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Get your pitch straight

The best start when you want to build a website for your business is your elevator pitch. Sounds lame, but it’s the truth.

If you can easily pique interest with the basic aspects of your business and you can talk about the outstanding value of your offerings for hours without boring anyone to death, you are basically set to build your website swiftly.

We created an Elevator Pitch Developer for you, so you can get started right away and the build of your website will be a breeze.

Choose a platform


This means there is no need to lock yourself in with a development company and spend triple the amount of money to build a website from scratch.

There are platforms out there which provide you with pre-optimised templates that you can customise to anything you want using a LIVE page builder. Our favourite platform is WordPress but there are much more out there. Just search for ‘Best CMS’ (Content-Management-System).

Implement your content

If you read on to here you are probably still thinking you can do it yourself. Right? Well, we would like to tell you again that a successful online presence consists of many elements working together.

How you can achieve that is best discussed over the phone or one-on-one. Book a Strategy-Session with us!

For those who want to try it themselves

After you chose your template, you take your elevator pitch and write the website copy for the preformatted elements in the template. Then choose a host, install your CMS, play with the colours and fit the copy into the template and build your pages. Add your blog and post some articles, optimise the page's content with heading tags and edit the search engine heading and meta descriptions.

Then hook up your social media to communicate with your new site, google webmaster tools and analytics. Done! Easy. No? You didn’t quite understand the last sentence? No worries most people don't, that's why we are here. Contact us! Seriously.



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